Karma is a B*tch



“Why yes, I do smile a little bit when karma pays a visit to someone who so desperately deserves it” -Unknown Author


Something we all know exists and can’t deny that it does, and are generally happy that it does.

If you are like me, you count on it to help prove justice and revenge on others that did you wrong, or that did wrong just in general.

It’s a cycle that serves exactly what you deserve, whether good or bad, and in most cases we look at it as a service of justice in the wrong doing direction.

So don’t automatically assume revenge is something that needs to be done through you, wait it out and sooner or later they will get what they deserve. I learned it. I tried to serve revenge on a person I deeply started to dislike due to the fact that they hurt me really bad but then I decide to take the longer route and have mother nature do its thing, and sure enough I put my trust in Karma and I found out they got exactly served to them what exactly they did to me.

What could be better than revenge.


It makes one smile. Hate to say it but it does. It makes me at least have faith in the world that is exactly what the world will do is prove justice. I know its hard because patience is a virtue, and sometimes karma takes its sweet old time but one has to trust.

At the same time though, one has to realize themselves what they are putting into the world, and if it is constantly negative and horrific one should not wonder why their life is so-called “trashy”. There is a picture on pinterest I saw that said: “You can’t litter negativity everywhere and then wonder why you have a trashy life”. It’s exactly like I was saying, what you give to world is what you gain in return, and when it’s negative then don’t be surprised if you get bite in the butt by karma.

Sometimes I wish I could tell people that to others who clearly wonder why their life is to sh*t, and why they can’t get their life together and why everyone walks away from their life. Well, it’s your fault. You caused it yourself. Maybe try changing your actions and maybe things will start turning around.

Everyone has to remember that YOU have to change your life to the results you want to see. You have control of your life, and therefore walk away in certain situations and let karma do your dirty work for you, and treat people right.

Not only that, everyone knows someone who says their life is so bad but it’s due to their actions, see them and, rethink your actions you are committing yourself everyday. Another great quote is: “How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours”. It speaks for itself and it’s how we all have to think.

Ultimately, as Justin Timberlake oh so famously said “what goes around, comes all the way back around”.

And that my friend is Karma.

Much Love,



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