The Wonder We Live On: Earth


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” -Albert Einstein

The place we live on is something spectacular. We as people nowadays lose touch of the world around us, simply do to our busy lives that are enveloped with technology. We forget the wonder we live in and we only see the greatness of it through others, yet we neglect to live it ourselves due to our busy lives, and I am just as guilty to fall under this routine.

Yet this past weekend I was able to experience myself what this wondrous world has to offer. I went backpacking for three days in the Alps and I don’t think there has ever been an experience that compares to being outdoors and one with nature. Literally. Out there in the mountains you remember that the earth has control, in the city at least you forget due to the building and houses around you. In the mountains anything can happen, especially when your just an ant compared to the mountain range around you.

Realistically we are just a simple speck on this earth and we have no control of it. It does, and for some reason bring a certain calm yet at the same time a little freighting feeling. I feel we forget that mother nature runs this show and not us. Life is out of our hands. Mother nature can simply destroy something as easily as create it but one has to realize you have to trust the beauty of it and take in that life sometimes is just the way it is.


It’s Therapy without the Payment

The vastness it beholds reminds one that the life you have now doesn’t always have to remain the way it is, there is always thousands of others places where you can go and thousands of other things you can do. The earth is filled with limitless opportunities, you just have to have courage and faith that the earth will bring you peace and you will find your happiness. It’s what I realized this past weekend.

I pushed my body to a limit in which I never thought I could be pushed before but the outcome I received was grand. It was spectacular the aftereffects of seeing what I had accomplished. I was able to experience the view and sights I got to see due to pushing myself to a new limit. I had an open mind and for once in my life, I felt I finally figured out parts of who I am and I was happy with the results. I figured out that this is my life and that I need to take control on what I have, and the rest I will leave it up to mother nature to determine. If it’s meant to be it will be and from there I can only move forward and take each experience as an adventure in my life. I realized I want to make a name for myself and not limit myself due to other people but to find people who push me to expand who I am and accept the path I am taking. I am a control freak but not everything in life I can control, which is where taking and trusting mother nature comes into play.

It’s healing. That’s what mother nature ultimately is. It’s therapy without the payment. It’s ultimately our roots. We have to cherish what this earth has given us and not take it for granted. We have to remember that we belong to it and we are only just ants in the grand scheme of it but overall what we can take from it is life changing and life altering.

So take a gateway (anywhere from walking an hour in a nearby forest to multiple days in the mountains), and find the beauty in this magnificent world we live in. Unplug for a little bit and let your mind breath, you will be surprised the things you will see, find, and realize.

Much Love,


“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous” -Aristotle

3 thoughts on “The Wonder We Live On: Earth

  1. This is the best post you’ve written. “Therapy without the payment.”, that sentence is so good, I may have to borrow it, 🙂


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