Out of Sight=Out of Mind


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The mind is a wonderful thing. The way it works is truly amazing, and if you think about it it’s incredible what you can do with it.

Everyone goes through rough patches in their life and it’s the way we get over them and past them that lets us grow as a person and move forward with our lives.

One of those methods of moving forward is using the  “out of sight, out of mind” method, and I found that this saying is more of a method and couldn’t be more true when getting over anything. In my case, particularly a person.

These past few weeks I have been in Germany visiting my father and this trip couldn’t come at a more perfect time in my life. It’s in a place where I am forced to check off the phone and focus on my travel and reconnecting with my family once again. Granted, not everyone gets this opportunity, I understand, but just checking out for a day or two can even help and do the trick.

It has brought me clarity and sanity in a place where I was before insane and mind crazed.

The only time you really think about, let’s say a break up, is if one constantly talks about it or in my generations case are always on social media websites.

Social media puts a hard stab on making clean cuts from people from your life because although you can block someone from seeing your stuff, you can easily still stalk theirs (expect Facebook), and even then you still always have those people who are friends with them and still find yourself stalking the other persons media in some way, which ultimately hinders your healing process. It always does,even if you say it doesn’t.

Trust me, I would know. It’s deadly.

We all can admit we each do social media stalking of other people, especially of people we aren’t especially fond over or are extremely fond of. I don’t know why but we always seem to do it. I never thought my stalking would hinder myself from moving forward in my life until I did a little experiment.

I was away this weekend visiting a friend, in which I fully enforced the out of sight rule and put my cell phone down to draw me away from social media, and as my weekend came to an end I completely reminisced how not once did my ex come to my mind nor did I even care to look or stalk in any manner anymore. A serious progression for me since I am always connected and use to find the temptation to see the latest updates (which I am not going to lie is not fully gone but has definitely become lesser). I truly felt I had moved a step forward in the direction towards complete healing and couldn’t be prouder.

It’s a mysterious thing the way the mind works. That by simply chasing your mind off of a certain thing/person, ones life can lead to never really dueling in the hurt or pain like one use to. It’s truly an out of sight, out of mind” deal. Through it all I had more clarity of the situation I was in and in the end I learned a little social media cleanse did the trick for fully getting someone out of mind, and is the trick nowadays.

My one biggest recommendation would be that if you are going through a rough patch with someone or something, and are looking to move forward, force yourself and try to literally put them out of sight, correlating to it/them becoming out of mind. It’s like the picture quoted above: “learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner happiness”.  Do a social media cleanse for a little bit and focus on yourself and the things around you. Go on a mini vacation to the beach, go camping, do a movie weekend with your friends, anything but enforce a rule upon yourself. Trust me, then you will realize with a clearer mind it is what you’re looking for, that the hurt has subsided or has at least dwelled a little but and you will realize you will be alright.

Because ultimately we always are in the end alright.

I promise.

Much Love,


Ps. Just a forewarning, this Saturdays post will be posted on Sunday/Monday due to I will be out-of-town on a three-day hiking trip and will be out of services till Sunday evening. Thanks for understanding but I promise there will be a post!

3 thoughts on “Out of Sight=Out of Mind

  1. Yes I totally get the concept, great advise but sadly easier said then done. Fortunately tho time and a little faith heals all wounds:)


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