#becausenowIcan: doing what you want for you and not others


I recently posted a picture of me on instgram wearing a crop top with high wasted shorts (shown above). I have never done that before in my life, ever.

Why may one ask?

Well it was because I was always told by a particular person close to me that it just isn’t cute and isn’t something people should be wearing. For that matter I also got told it makes one look like a sl*t.

I never really have personally felt like this was the case. I think when worn appropriately, it can be very flattering and adorable on people. Granted not everyone can pull off the fashion, but most can and do it tastefully well.

I personally succumbed to others opinions and feelings towards things that I never really think are true. I fall to the opinion of the people “closest’ to me, and take their stern suggestions as advice that needs to be taken, whether that be from what I wear or what I do.

I have always been someone who will listen to rules if it will make people happy, but the moment I am free, I rebel like there is no tomorrow. I do exactly that in which I wasn’t allowed to do before, or was restricted to do before. I do this with things I deeply believe in my my heart shouldn’t be restricted in the first place.

No one over the age of 18 (I say this because parents do have a certain say when being a minor), should have to listen to anyone. They should accept love and admiration from the people around them. The people around them should positively influence and tell them they can do whatever they want that makes them feel good and happy. They should’t scold them for doing any such activities (if it is activities and things that truly aren’t hurting or harming them).

No one. I mean NO ONE should have to obey to someone’s rules just to maintain a relationship of some sort. I think it is ridiculous and just not acceptable. Why do we have restrict ourselves from what we wear, what we do, and how we act just to please someone else? The answer is simple. We shouldn’t. If that person threatens your relationship with them then walk away. It’s the best thing and will only save you from pain and hurt later on because it will always have to be something with that person. I would know.

We should be pleasing only one person in our life.


That’s all.

I am a very free person, and what I mean by that is everyone should do there own thing that makes them happy.
That takes into regards dressing, eating, hobbies, etc.

If you clearly can’t tell, I have been restricted before in the past with the things I wear, how I act, and what I can do.
I didn’t do certain things because I was told if I did that then that person would walk out of my life, and at that point I couldn’t fathom a life without that person. So I changed who I was/wanted to be just to make someone else happy, when inside I was a girl dying to wear a freaking crop top with high waisted shorts.

It sounds ridiculous, but little things like that add up and just makes one feel like they are living in a certain prison inside themselves, and no one should feel like that. Ever. That’s not what life is about.

So, be who you want. Do what you want. Say what you want. The people that truly love you will support you and be there and won’t care what things you do as long as you are happy and aren’t harming yourself (once you start harming your health emotionally or physically, then it’s acceptable for the people closest to you to step in and disagree, but that is to help you).

Just be your beautiful/handsome self, doing what makes you happy!

Do it because you can, #becausenowIcan (like the hashtag in my instagram pic.)

A quote for thought from the company Miss Me: ” Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.”

Much Love,



3 thoughts on “#becausenowIcan: doing what you want for you and not others

  1. You’re young and beautiful; the outfit is tasteful and you wear it well. Time to hit the eject button on those who want to hijack your self-esteem?


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