Lying: the answer to NOTHING

It’s literally the answer to zip, zero, nada.

Personally, I believe it is an action people do that destroys any type of relationship.

I really believe it messes everything up. Everything.

Granted, people ask me if little white lies count and at some point they are required in maybe some situations, but I am talking about lying to the point that if that person found out that information it would alter their world or change their view about you (which is generally any lie anyways).

…And sneaking around the truth (but not directly lying) falls under this category too.

I have heard many times before that lying takes skill and when a person is so good at it no one will ever find out. In which I find that completely false. Let me tell you, I had someone fool me for a good 4 months but then I caught them red handed and then all the sudden I started finding things out all a long that were lies, and so unraveling their ball of lies.

Which leads me to believe that even if you are a professional liar, you’re bound to slip and unravel all lies that you have told in the past. Like I said I have seen it before, and it hasn’t happen just once but three times with three different “professional” liars.

Granted, I do believe in karma, and karma treats pathological liars very well.

Anyways, the moment you’re masked is revealed that you are a liar, your entire image changes. Information spreads like rapid fire, and before you know it people start looking at you as if  it’s expected and just use you for your presence of fun, rather than building a further relationship where they trust you because with trust comes truth. I mean its pretty much the same word but just in a different form.

As I was watching Greek the other day, a main character Rusty said “Doing the right thing is usually the hardest thing to do”. It made me think about telling the truth, and that why do we find it so hard to tell people the truth? Well, it’s because it’s the right thing to do and we as humans like to avoid conflict at all possible (although I do believe there are people who thrive on that but that’s another topic).

Lying may save your ass for the moment but I truly believe in karma. Not only do I believe in karma, but think of the person you are lying to. I mean image being told in person right after something happens vs. being lied to and finding out 5 months later through a third-party and realizing that person you thought you could trust ended up being a lying a**whole.

If you can’t tell lying really gets me going. It’s my biggest pet peeve, and I don’t understand why people do it in the first place. You did what you did, own up to it and just be honest. I would rather have honestly than a backstabber lying to me constantly. I found a picture on twitter recently and this was it. Sorry for the vulgar language ahead of time (which you as reader should know, I do have a potty mouth but I try to keep it relatively clean on hear, but sometimes I may slip)


Anyways, this picture truly hit home for me. I truly don’t understand the actions behind lying and I never will but I try.

I have always believed that the truth will set you free even if it’s the hardest thing to do.

The best thing is to imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes you’re about to lie to. You may save your ass for the moment but how will they react if they were to eventually found out you lied down the line (and don’t use the “they will never find out” excuse, if you have lied about others things before, I guarantee someone else knows the truth regardless what you may think, and has spread the information. We live in a society were people talk. Constantly. Nothing is really secret anymore even if you try).

Also being able to come clean and tell the truth speaks wonders. It’s easier to forgive someone who is willing to tell you the truth of their mistakes rather than someone who chose to hide it from you (and probably many other things). It’s the key thing to gaining and keeping trust. Which trust is the foundation for any relationship to last a life time.

Long story short, tell the truth. Karma will get you back, but in a good way this time.

Much Love,




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