Why Finals?

I apologize that it has been more than a week since I have posted. It just has been a whirlwind, from having finals to packing up and coming back home to Oregon.

I am going to talk about the stress of finals. Finals are just one of those things that everyone freaks out about, sleeps little to no hours, and scrambles to cram every single piece of information they have learned in the past semester.

But why do we put our self through that? Why, every single semester, do we put our bodies through this ridiculousΒ life style, we call finals week?

It’s because of the grades. I get that but I still ask the question why do we put so much emphasis on a single final test that could potentially break or make your grade (if your grade is borderline, which always seems to be the case).

I have realized that finals need to be approached in the since that it is just a test that in five years will literally mean nothing. In five years I can guarantee you I won’t be mopping about my Econ test, that even though I slaved sleepiness nights over, still didn’t get the grade I wanted. Everyone takes grades way to seriously. I am not saying they aren’t important, they are, but the stress my generation puts on them is crazy. Why are we putting our bodies through this for just a simple grade? I can guarantee you that it is not healthy for our bodies, and will effect us greatly in the future. Maybe not now, but how can creating those habits not effect our health?

If you look at it from an outsiders perspective from what we do, it sounds ridiculous.


We take sleepless nights and overdose on caffeine just for a simple letter.

I guess this is more of a rant because there is nothing we can really do to change that unless the schools systems change and less emphasis on grades is created. I just think its crazy that they put us through that to fight for our grades that we have bee working on all semester.

Much love,


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