Lady Gaga “Monster Pit”

I decided to write this piece about a special moment in my life. My 18th birthday. It was a very unique experience and one I will never forget.

It’s January 14th about six p.m., and outside of the Rose Garden arena one sees roughly about seven people waiting outside in a line on the side walk. Every single one of them is bundled up with jackets, blankets, and hats. You look even closer at this girl, who seems to be second in line has a pin on her that says birthday girl. It’s in the middle of January and it’s only about 28 degrees. All these people have a rough, cold night ahead of them but they all have a reason, a common reason, as to why they are waiting in the freezing cold, to be front row for Lady Gaga’s born this wall ball concert.

Lady Gaga’s concert is set up as open floor tickets. However the first fifty people to arrive and stand in line get to go in the special monster pit that engulfs the stage where Lady Gaga performs. The lower number you are, not only are you in the monster pit, but the closer one is to either being in the front row or very close.

The girl with the birthday pin, that’s me. My actual birthday would be the next day, January 15th, the actual day of the concert. My best friend and I have dedicated our entire evening, even skipping school the next day, to get front row standing spots to Gaga’s concert. We had been waiting since four p.m., when I had to go pick up the tickets and realized that the first person was already waiting in line. I had to be second or at least in the top 10. I got my wish, Tasha and I became numbers two and three.

The night of January 14th was cold and freezing, but as the hours drew on more and more people started to show up. The line got bigger, and as the line got bigger the excitement in every bodies voices grew louder. Every body became friends with each other. Pictures were taken and excitement grew. However, as it drew near three and four am, feet were becoming numb and the tiredness had hit, only a few more hours till wrist banning started and every body could go home and get ready for the big night. I was ready for the waiting to be over. I was cold and tired and was ready to go home but before I knew it it was eight a.m., time to wristband. As everybody got their wristbands, people were aloud to go home and change, for at Lady Gaga concerts, everybody shows up in costume, from feathers to wigs to everything in between.

It was time to go back to the Rose Garden, Tasha and I were dressed in velvet dresses with pearls going down them like waterfalls. We wore hand made crowns and jean vests that said something Gaga related on the back. I also had a sign that read “Born this Day”. We were Gaga ready. My smile grew larger and larger as I waited in front of the double doors to open and let them into the monster pit. As I looked around at all the crazy costumes, at that moment I realized I had gotten what I wanted. I was going to be in the front row for one of the most well know artist around the world. A women I respect and look up too. I was going to see her standing only a few feet away. My hands started to get clammy from excitement, butterflies twirled in my stomach. I couldn’t believe this was happening. As I looked over at Tasha, the doors clicked open. It was time to go in.

The stage was surreal. The castle that stood before us looked like a piece out of Cinderella. My face hurt from all the smiling. As I stood directly in the middle of the front row surrounded by friends I had made waiting in line. This was happening. The sleepless, cold night was all coming to end. This is what we were waiting for. Everybody will call me crazy for skipping school and waiting in the cold for fourteen hours for a concert that will only last two hours but to see your idol in front of you will be an experience that is indescribable. I didn’t care what others would think. No one could judge. I was front row for Lady freak-in Gaga.

I looked behind myself at everybody trickling in and realized how lucky I was to be in the front row and how out of everybody here I was going to be so close I could touch Lady Gaga. The lights dimmed and it was time for the show.

Lady Gaga rolled in on her motorcycle, I along with everybody else in the arena, screamed at the top of their lungs. Lady Gaga was right there. Right in front of me. I could see the freckles on her thighs, I could see the beats of sweat forming on Gaga’s forehead. It was a dream come true. I felt I was living the dream.

Much Love,


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