Security and Finding Happiness

As someone told me this past week, you need to find security in yourself and what makes you happy. What does make me happy? I know the security in the love with my mom, the security of friendship with my best friend and those make me happy but other than that what makes me happy? What am I passionate about that makes me happy?  I guess one could say, I have a passion for kids. Kids have always been something that have made me happy. Babysitting and nannying has always been one of my favorite things to do.

Whenever I am around kids, it seems that I always attract them. They always seem to smile at me, wave at me or even the bold ones come up and talk to me. People say it must be my face shape, and that I have the aura of a teacher.

A teacher. I guess I never really accepted or even considered betting a teacher because of the pay. One always hears about how teacher don’t make a lot of money and that unless your passionate about it, should you do it. Money shouldn’t be a care. Problem is, I love money. My mom and dad have always valued money in my life and I have carried on that value.

As I sit and question what that person told me in the past week, the “what makes you happy”, I can’t help but wonder if maybe I should follow my heart and go into teaching. Maybe that will make me happier in the long run, rather than sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 hours a day. Teaching the next generation.

God I love kids. They are so innocent and have no clue of the harm of the world. Its just an amazing time to see them grow and learn and I really want to be a part of that.

I guess I have a lot to think about. I hate how in college they make you decide or you have that pressure from the outside world that you should know exactly what you want to do and know exactly who you are. I am learning who I am one step at a time, and maybe this part of me is finally ignoring the money aspect and the rest of the world and following my heart.

We shall see.

Much Love,

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