I am a Media Junky

I realized I watch to much screen, from TV, phone, or laptop screen.

It started Sunday. It was the day I was sick, and particularly interested in how many hours of media I use in a day. I know this day was a little biased considering the circumstance but in the end I had an interesting realization. Overall my day consisted of about eights hours of TV (I know excessive), I will roughly estimate about three hours on my phone (some while watching TV) and two hours on the internet. Quiet a crazy amount. Something I am not to proud of stating. Most of the time when I was on my phone I was using sources of social media to see the latest of what was happening with my friends, although most of the time I was checking every five minuets and not much would change at all but I had to check and see just in case. It was programmed in me.

With TV, I found it very interesting that I tried to stay awake to watch the shows I had missed. I created an excuse so that I could watch my favorite shows without being interrupted and not only that, I was able to personally justify the use of watching TV because I was sick. I mean what else are you supposed to do when you are sick? Being lazy is justified when you are sick. Well, at least for me it is. When I was in between shows I would casually browse the internet, to either the social media sites (which were already regularly checked on my phone, where nothing new occurred) or my favorite website buzzfeed.com, which have fun and quirky articles I enjoy reading.

Talking to my mother later on that day, she kept asking me if I was getting enough rest. Of course I said sure, I was laying in bed watching TV.  That’s enough rest for me. Not much actual sleeping but to me it meant rest. I realized that isn’t really what she meant. What she really meant was how much sleep was I getting. My answer, maybe only six hours from the night before. I wonder why I am not getting any better any faster. My mom does always say, sleep and liquids will always make your recovery faster yet I was doing the exact opposite. Staying awake, straining my body

It made me think back to when I was younger, going back to the elementary school days when I was sick, I remember all my mother would let me do was sleep and watch maybe one TV show. I also never had the capabilities to watch TV on a laptop, they were so huge and expensive. However, with that the one TV show rule, I would be up and walking around in no time. It makes me think on how media has changed the way we live our lives today. I am sure that if I ask my Mamma what she did when she was my age when she was sick, I am sure she wouldn’t say she watched TV all day on her laptop. Mostly because that technology wasn’t available to her. It’s so wildly interesting, that just a simple generation behind me didn’t have the means of mass communication that I have today. It reminds people on the airplanes for example. To keep kids entertained parents stick iPads in front of their kids faces, and they are entertained for hours. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is genius. I cannot tell you how many times I have flown and all you heard was a child’s cry. Even when I was flying when I was younger, my Father had to bring actual boardgames on the flight, making our luggage’s heavier, and making us keep track of more stuff. It makes you then think of the future, my future kids, when they are sick, what excuses will they give when they are sick not to sleep it off. Makes me wonder where the future will lead in that direction. I mean if it continues like this will, for example, my body ever recover from being sick because I am constantly trying to up keep my shows with my busy life style. The ultimate question is what is it hurting for us, is it brain washing us, making us become less healthy, and/or becoming a distraction to human interaction.

I need to change things up, looking at the number of hours I spend one day watching TV, it’s kind of sickening to see and I am embarrassed to say.

Much Love,


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