As the Term is Ending, I Have Found Little Pieces to Add to My Self

So here I am about to finish another English class, and as I write this I am thinking to myself how I have over the course of three months developed to become a stronger writer and a stronger me. I have become more comfortable with who I am and how I write. All throughout High School we are always told there is a wrong and a right way to everything, but  I learned writing is universal and no writing is wrong. Each writing has a voice that is unique to themselves and distinguishes them from others. As I think back to my freshmen week at College, I remember how scared I was for the whole experience. I felt that projects were never given. I was wrong. My creativity has been able to flourish and I feel I have made a second home here in Orange. I feel I am where I belong. Although, it has become extremely stressful and my homesickness has been through the roof at some points, I have come to accept and love where I am at Chapman. I thought in the beginning everything was going to be easy, that’s not true but with perseverance and a great support system anybody can get through anything.

I have found another little piece to myself as a writer throughout the past three months. I have accepted and found truths about who I am and what I am all about. Moving to the next step in my life has been a huge change, and the road wasn’t easy but I have grown to become a better version of me.

Much Love,


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