Defying My So Called ‘Millennial Generation’

Millennial Generation? What does that really mean. How can one truly be classified under one huge stereotype made for people born between certain years. I can guarantee you that I don’t fall one hundred percent under my generation’s stereotype. Although, I am more technology savvy than most, I am more liberal than other generations, and I do have a tattoo but I can certainty tell you that I am not one of the two-thirds of my supposed “generation” that say “you can’t be too careful” when dealing with people. So does that mean I am not millennial enough for my generation because I step out of my typical stereotype that has been given to me because I was born in a certain year. I don’t cast a wary eye on human nature. I have more trust in it than many people do. I don’t see most people as evil and I trust people very easily. I give human nature the benefit of the doubt, unlike apparently most of my generation. Unless someone proves to me they are untrustworthy or such, will I ever be “too careful”. I feel the media cast such a light only on the horrific things and people around us and don’t focus enough on what the good people do. Martin Luther King Jr said: “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity”. I believe Mr. King stated it perfectly well, unless my generation looks above the negativity our hope will slowly diminish in the world. Although my generation are leaders, in some ways we are more follower than we believe. My generations mind frames are set to trust less because of the outside information that is being fed to us. I can honestly say, I am proud I am not like that.

Does it also mean that I am not millennial enough if I am religiously affiliated and associate myself with a religion? I am not apart of the one-fourth who are unaffiliated. I am a proud Christian. I worship and pray, and attend church as much as possible. I am very involved with my church, and even help serve and teach the younger generation. I am proud to wear my cross. I think it’s depressing how much my generation has unaffiliated themselves. Personally, I don’t understand. I mean C.S. Lewis stated it perfectly when he said; “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else”. My core values and morals stem from my religion and how what I am today is based off going to church. It has changed my life and brought me hope. I don’t understand where people unaffiliated find hope but I guess I will never understand. “Each to their own”, they say. I guess that’s true with religion; however, I know that’s one way were I stand against the crowd of my generation.

Being apart of the Millennial Generation cast stereotypes on who we are as people today. I mean being casted under any generation is proven to cast everyone under stereotype. I truly believe no one fully falls under one stereotype, each person has qualities about them that set them outside their known stereotype. I believe that is what makes our world so diverse overall. Stereotypes are just given to categorize people but not one person I know can fully be categorized under one thing. I whole heartily believe that no one person completely, one hundred percent, follows all characteristic of any one stereotype.

I fall under the Millennial generation. I do posses some of the characteristics my generation possess, such as I have piercings other than my earlobe, I have divorced parents, and I respect my elders but I have few things that set me aside. But I believe that makes me unique. Makes me my own person. Like Ritu Ghatourey said, “Be like a diamond; precious and rare, not like a stone that is found everywhere”.

Much Love,


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