A Dazzling Prom

One word, Prom. I had a stirring in my stomach that made me feel as if it was out of the movies. It was out of the movies. A perfect motion picture moment. The getting ready, the picking of the elegant aquamarine gown, even though it was only one dress out of four million sold . I finally felt as if I were one in a million. What girl wouldn’t want to feel as if she were one in a million? Someone unique and different. Like no one else. Even though I was a part of the 96% who attended their prom, I was convinced my experience was something special. Everything was going to be perfect, or at least the closest it could come possible.

I was finally getting that high school experience I had always wanted. As a child, by a family friend, I was always told that things don’t always happen as you plan them and that you should never dream something to outrageous, but this dream was something I was holding firm onto. I wanted more than anything for everything to run smoothly. For this night to be what I have always dreamed a typical High School experience to be, with the date, the dance, the party bus, and the after party.

I never before went to a high school dance, let alone had a date. Going through High School, day in and day out, seeing girls being asked to homecoming, seeing them become homecoming Queen, made me jealous and envy their lives. A typical scene, where a girl opens her locker and balloons tumble out all over the floor. There is a bouquet of red roses sitting in her locker that had a note. It said turn around. She turned around and there was a guy in a tux holding a sign with “homecoming?” written on it. It was moments like those I wanted to curl up in a ball in the corner. I never have received that. I was always that girl where work and school took over her life. I only had girlfriends and never really had guy friends. I always tried to stay away from High School as much as possible because it was considered, to me, to be hell. I didn’t enjoy the people in my school, and I didn’t enjoy school overall. Most of this could stem from that I didn’t feel wanted or important, just a fly on a wall that never got noticed. A reason why Prom, I never thought, could happen.

An excitement that I had never experienced before. The giddiness, the sweaty palms, the nervous bathroom breaks. The feeling of putting the mac sparkling lip gloss on and smiling in front of the many cameras that were flashing that made me feel like a movie star. The laughs, the excitement. The overwhelming smells of perfume from Coco channel ‘Mademoiselle’ to Lady Gaga’s ‘Fame’. Everything came in a whirlwind of emotions. An indescribable inner ball of happiness was exploding inside me every minute. Surrounded by the people I love, the friends I laugh with, cry with and everything in between. Take it, a line from my favorite movie, Moulin Rouge, “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

A perfect man that stood next to me on my arm. Tie matched my gown. Aquamarine was the color of choice. This guy was my date. My man. How did I get so lucky to have such an incredible date? If I would have never taken the job at Nike, I would have never met my Prince charming. If, when we started texting, I never invited him over to watch Moulin Rouge, I would never have realized how much our personalities clicked and how much our life stories intertwine and relate. My Prince charming’s name is Brandon, and shortly after that movie date we became a couple. Coming from the girl who in High School never got asked on a simple date, to now standing with my arms wrapped around his like ivy tangled on a branch, I felt so lucky. Hearing the words, “You look Beautiful” set a glow on my face that lasted the entire evening because no one ever told me I was beautiful before. Even my best friend, Tasha Jocz, said I never looked happier. Being with Brandon sent me to cloud nine. He made sure I felt nothing short of a Princess. He always held the door for me, he always told me I looked beautiful, he always made sure I wasn’t cold and he always made sure I was comfortable. Most importantly he always told me he loved me even if this night wasn’t as perfect as I wanted it to be. I am convinced he was a key component in making my night perfect.

Prom with Brandon Photocred: dreamerseekingself

Prom with Brandon
Photocred: dreamerseekingself

From there, everything was working smoothly. From the moment we took pictures in the plaza hotel with the fountain in the background, to the perfect Italian dinner where spaghetti was served with special gourmet salads, to the dance with the intense lighting and sparkling dance floor because of overwhelming confetti, to dancing to  ‘Treasure by Bruno Mars, to the after party in Salem at one of our friends apartment with my closest friends. All words that correlate with happiness are able to describe that evening. Of the 13.27% who ranked their prom experience a 10/10, I was one of them. It was a dream come true. Yes, it was said correctly. A dream come true. An outrageous dream that a high school girl wanted all her life, a perfect prom.

When I think of the person I was then at that one perfect night of Prom, I think of a girl who’s high school years was fully completed by just a simple evening. An evening, normal for every teen, but for this one girl a life changing night. Even though I wasn’t apart of the 11.46% who was appointed on court, I found myself having the time of my life finally attending something High School related. I wasn’t removing myself from that scene because I felt as if I were a bug, seemingly going unnoticed and considered an outcast.  It felt like a true Promenade Ball of the late 19th century, where only upper class citizens were allowed to participate in them, where the term for the evening originated from. Back then I thought it was just an evening for fun. Now I see that it was an experience that made me realize the simple things can make me happy and that dreams really do come true. Negativity is just another road block to fulfilling ones dream, even if that negativity comes from someone else who tells you to not follow your dream. I’m telling you no dream is outrageous. I proved everyone wrong with just prom. It reaffirmed that if you have a positive mind frame and the will and power to push for your dreams from the beginning it will help aid to your success. Part of me wishes it wasn’t so perfect but another part of me realized why would I wish that.

I love this story.
Much Love,


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