From Getting Admitted to Becoming a Freshman on Campus

It was senior year and all that ran through my mind is where was I going next. Where was I going to end up? The answers to these questions were vital to my future. A decision that could potentially determine where I end up and what I do with my life.  A big burden and a mound of pressure adds up to this one decision. As I sat and wrote my application essays, all I could think of was what was the best way to prove myself to show that I was the perfect candidate to attend my dream school. Writing about myself has always been a topic of enjoyment. It comes simply to me because its me. It is what I know best. The best topic I am educated on.  I knew continuing on, composing self would be a perfect segment in completing a GE requirement. As acceptance letters flowed in, the decision became harder to determine what I was going to do next. Which place fits me the best. Where do I feel I could completely be myself. As my decision dwindled down, the important fundamental was were did I feel most comfortable in. Where could I actually see myself attending. Chapman became the dream school that was close to perfection. It came to me in a moment where I sat back and reevaluated what was right for me and it was a feeling where I just knew where I belonged. However, to go there I had to prove myself and perform to the best of my abilities.

Although I knew I would have to take many courses(i.e. English, Science, Math) that were not on the list of what I wanted to take, I knew it had to be done to attend my dream school. I just hoped that along the way, for example, taking another english class would not persist of multiple essays a month and constant lectures on things that I will never remember like it did in High School. The one thing I do hope continues like it did would be the helpfulness and willingness of the teachers to help improve students but I guess that is what I expect going into a new english class as well. I expect not only helpfulness but a guide to help grow in my writing capabilities. I expect a support system, a critic but also a fan.

I accepted my admissions from Chapman, and the more time passed by the quicker I felt summer was almost over. During the moments of downtime, I started to wonder what college actually was. I expected the workload to be a fair amount, for the professors understood students had outside lives besides their class. That seems to be true most of the time, English works its way where it seems to be a lot of writing every day. Maybe sometimes a little over excessive which is what I would change out of it; but, it contains no “formal” essays which would constantly get marked up with a red pen, which I like and rather prefer. I feel by writing almost everyday it proves the saying practice makes close to perfect if done on a regular basis, again though to much writing becomes a burden which I hope is not what english class ultimately comes to be.

Summer passed by like a strike of lighting. First week arrived and had already gone. As work loads continues to increase, time management becomes essential to success. I listen to all different types of projects Professors are planning on assigning and it seems most of them forget that students need to be creative too. Therefor, I am thankful to take this class where my self gets to explore and find new truths about myself and my identity. From beginning of senior year to the beginning of being a Freshmen again, I feel I have found the right place to call my second home and I know I am here to prove to myself that dreams really do come true. Cliche, I know, but completely true.

Much Love,

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